You can cut all the flowers

but you can’t keep Spring from coming.

Pablo Neruda


It gets cold and dark sometimes.

Lonely and numb.

It gets hard to breathe too. Hard to think. Impossible to feel.

To feel anything. To feel everything. To embrace something.

It gets surprisingly easy to get frozen in the winter of our lives sometimes. In the seemingly endless nothingness of snow storms, blizzards, and black ice warnings.

Death can deal us a heavy blow. A deeply penetrating incursion on our faith.

Life too brings its share of challenges, seeming misfortunes, and plenty of trials and tribulations.

People do the rest.

They cut down all the flowers.

They cut them down, because they can. They don’t really want them. They have no use for them. They despise them. Yet, they want the flowers dead, because they mean something to all of us, and they want us to forget.

They want us to forget that spring is coming.

They want us to forget no one cannot destroy spring.

Death cannot yield victory over life.

Take away memories, or any of our accomplishments. The glorious happy moments and the tearful embraces, and valleys.

It cannot take away who we are, and the way in which we were formed by those who loved us.

Like people, death can cut down the flowers, but it cannot defeat spring.

Spring is coming.

Faith only gets stronger with darkness. It grows more powerful and more dignified.

Without the darkness, it cannot rise. Cannot fly. Cannot burn bright.

So, have faith.

Don’t look back in anger.

Look to the dawning of Spring.