“I am always doing that which I cannot do,

in order that I may learn

how to do it”.

Pablo Picasso


You will never be ready.

You will never be satisfied or feel confident enough.

There will never be a right time.

The truth is, there is only you, this precious moment, and your decision to act. A conviction to become or create something great. Something that has never been done before. Someone who has never existed before. A chance to enter into a dance with the timelessness of human history.

You should definitely act, despite your fears.

Leap before you’re ready.

Start before you’ve figured out the nuances of what to do.

Most of life is just stumbling around in the dark anyway. Ever since we were babies, we took great joy in shoving everything in our mouth, just to see and taste what the hell life was all about. Our mistake, as we grew up, was believing that we grew up, in the first place. Our mistake was giving up on our curiosity and openness to change. We entered into a bankrupt social contract and exchanged our humanity for the security and comfort of a carpeted cave.

Pablo Picasso admired children. He admired their vision and fearlessness, when it comes to art. He showed us that this fearlessness also lives in all of us.

Learn to face your fear.

It will never get easier or go away, you just have to learn to dance with it.

So, take on projects that scare you. Do things you know you’ll be criticized for.

Don’t be reckless, but fearless.

Do what you cannot do.

Take a breath.

Move on to next thing that scares you.