“Writing is very cathartic for me.

as a teacher, I hear many students

say that writing can be painful and exhausting.

It can be,

but ultimately,

I believe that if you push through,

the process is healing

and exhilarating”.

Francesca Lia Block


Here is to pushing through!

A toast to Catharsis.

The process with which we release and provide relief from what has long battered and held us prisoner. The process of rebuilding ourselves. Of becoming whole. The process of purging our repressed emotions. Of welcoming the day, we once begin to joyfully smile back.

It won’t be easy.

The process is a grind.

A thankless task, with no applause, no immediate relief, and plenty of criticism. Yes, plenty of negative criticism, coming from without and within.

The process is painful. The process will be exhausting.

But don’t hold out hope that it won’t be, because it will be. The degrees might vary from one person to the next, but there is always a cost of becoming whole.

There is no resurrection without crucifixion. There is no rebirth without first dying to ourselves.

If you do.

If you take on the process, and if you embrace the grind, without holding back, you will become an outward sign of hope for others.

An immovable sign of hope.

A tiny, little, seemingly insignificant candle of courage, capable of illuminating even the darkest of human hearts.

But it will take a while.

The world needs you.

It desperately needs your embrace.

We need your smile.

And your hope.

No one will ever fault you for never reaching your moment of catharsis, and it is never just one, because they all follow each other in a patient procession, one following another, for our entire life.

This is your journey to take. 

Take heart and summon your courage. Get ready for the long journey.

Don’t be afraid of the grind because if you embrace it, we will magnificently celebrate your courage, when you emerge on the other side.