“The future belongs

to those who believe

in the beauty

of their dreams”.

Eleanor Roosevelt


Do you still dream or have you resigned yourself to be like everyone else and complain about how unfair life can be?

Those of us who still dare to dream have discovered something.

We have discovered that the future is glorious.

It’s glorious no matter how many times you’ve failed, how long you’ve waited to start, or even what you’ve been given to start with.

The future is truly glorious, because nobody knows what is going to happen next.

Glorious, because no one knows or controls tomorrow.

They can’t buy it, predict it, or manipulate it.

This is why the beautiful future belongs to those who dream. Those who see the value and splendour of dreaming, in a world filled with pessimism, dejection, and cynicism.

Cynicism is so common today that we don’t even notice it anymore.                      

We don’t notice our thoughts or words when we put others in their place, laugh at their dreams, or discourage them from becoming who they have never been.

We call this realism. Pragmatism. Safety. Security.

I call it higher education.

The future belongs to you.

It is yours if you dare to dream.

Unwritten. Untrodden. Untested. Unfulfilled.

The future is gloriously yours, but only if you believe, and begin to dream.

Dream often.

Dream out loud.