“Hard work spotlights the character of people:

some turn up their sleeves,

some turn up their noses,

and some don’t turn up at all”.

Sam Ewing


Some of us look for the easy way. The quick way. To the secret handshake. We look for the shortcut to end all short cuts. A path that will magically submerge us into everything that we ever dreamed and desired.

Yet, the merit of what we deserve is hidden in our character, and our character is built on how much we are prepared to work.

Prepared for blisters on our hands. Sweat on our brow. Tired muscles and a tired mind.

Perhaps even the struggle of a restless soul.

When life asks you to dig your ditches, what will you do?

Will you turn up your sleeves and get started?

Pick up your shovel and work?

How long are you prepared to fight for what you want? What will you sacrifice? Are you willing to steal time out of your life to see it through? Do you have enough tenacity to persevere until the end?

Or will you turn up your nose and complain. Repeat your old worn out mantra that you don’t deserve it. That you always come up short. That others have an innate giftedness, you were simply denied at birth.

Or worse.

You will not even turn up at all.

I hope you do.

I hope you turn up. I hope you punch your excuses in the mouth.

I hope you roll up your sleeves.

Now get to work.

That dirt is not going to move itself.