“The most common way people give up their power

is by thinking they don’t have any”

Alice Walker


We won’t say it out loud, but deep down, we believe it.

We feel powerless. We don’t belong.

Our lives feel ordinary, and some days feel like a total failure.

It all blurs into a daily struggle. An unfulfilled existence. A nightmarish dream.

Every day we neglect our greatness by hiding and running away from ourselves. We convince ourselves that we don’t belong. That we’re not ready. That we are not worthy. That if we try, someone is bound to come along, and expose us as for the frauds we are.

We give up our power.

The best part of being human.

The power to make a difference. The power to make someone smile. To change someone’s life. To heal their wounds. To make our mark and live a meaningful life.

It all begins in your mind.

Regardless if you think you can or think you can’t, you are absolutely right.

Thoughts become things.

You become who you believe to be. You accomplish what you think you can or can’t.

Your life is what deep down you give yourself power to be.

Isn’t it time to leave the cave of shadows? To stop thinking you can’t? That you don’t belong?

You are powerful. Unrepeatable.

The eye of a hurricane.

A force to be reckoned with.