“I have learned over the years

that when one’s mind is made up,

this diminishes fear”.

Rosa Parks


Get over yourself and do it already.

Stop dreaming, reflecting, imagining, telling everyone that one day, someday, when, if, and soon.

Don’t be afraid.

Face your fears because when you are afraid, you always run and hide. You distract yourself with all kinds of work that seems important, but in the end, leaves you unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

The key for being who you wish to be is in your decision to act.

The key is your ability to dig your ditch.

You will never outrun or wish away your fear, because you will never find the perfect time or the right moment to become who you are becoming.

Fear is like cancer. It hides inside all of us. We feed it with our doubt, anger, and anxiety. We give it life by belittling ourselves and hiding from who we were meant to be.

So please, make up your mind this morning. I will do the same.

Make a concrete plan of action. Write it down. Place it on your bathroom mirror, or on the side of the fridge. Make it visible, tangible, and attainable.

Don’t think of the last step. Think of the first step and anticipate the next step.

But do make up your mind.

Get to work today.

Don’t force your fear out of your life, learn to dig your ditch, right in front of it.

Your fear will rise again.

So, will your courage.