"The death of fear is in doing what you fear to do."

Sequichie Comingdeer


You will be forever burdened with an anxious, fearful, and unfulfilled life, until one day, you find the courage to rise-up, and fight back.

To do what you fear the most.

One day.


You much decide not to be afraid.

To push forward.

To let go and trust that doing good will indeed bear good fruit.  And how could it not?

Your constant fear of making mistakes and your worry of what people might say, cripples you beyond measure, and dwarfs your self-worth.  It hides your generous talents from your deserving community.  Your self-imposed exile, leaves the rest of us in unnecessary poverty.

Fear numbs and terrorizes your soul.

It keeps you at a distance.

It keeps you perpetually hungry and thirsty.

It makes you tired and frustrated.

Today is the day you find your courage.

Today is the day you find your tenacity.

Search your heart.  Search your mind.  Search your soul.

Find out what scares you.

Identify it.  Don’t hide from it.

Fight it.

Conquer your fear, by doing what you fear the most.