The most difficult thing

is the decision to act,

the rest is merely tenacity.

Amelia Earhart


Everything in our magnificent universe is in perpetual motion.  This is why, it is most risky to sit back and do nothing.  Our indecision, or the temptation to sit back and wait, is itself a decision against yourself and the meaningful life you desire.

You must not be content with merely existing.  Of following the herd, and bleating on que.  You must resist losing your voice in the chorus of impeccably deafening silence.

You must commit yourself to be.  You must decide.

To be or to do, that is the question.

The most difficult thing you will face today, is your willingness and ability to choose.

We are often seeking comfort and reassurance.  We employ people who can make psychic predictions, or profess meaningless guarantees, because deep down we are anxiously crippled by our fear of failure.

What stands in our way is our decision to act.

Our choice to move forward.

There is a always a pressing decision that you must make right now.


This moment.

If you wait, you’ve already decided against it.  You’ve already braced yourself to resume the life you wish to flee.  You have stolen your ability to grow and change.

So, decide.

Leap first.  Make good plans second. 

Work those plans.

Leave your armature existence and become a professional about it.  Go to work digging your ditch.

Dig today.  Dig tomorrow.  Dig the next day. 

Dig in the rain.  Dig in the blistering sun.

Dig through the fog.  Dig through the blisters.

Dig through regret and despite yourself.

The rest is tenacity and time.

Decide first.

Bust your ass.