Rain falls in real time,

and rain fell through the night.

No dress rehearsal,

This is our life.

Gord Downie


Time is just a concept. 

Life is real.

Some of us have traded in the best years of our life, for the promissory existence of the weekend.  We are terrible mathematicians.  We have willingly sacrificed five days of the week for the price of two.   

We work hard, and we really do mean well, but we stubbornly hold on to the illusion that one day, perhaps tomorrow, on day, we will get what we want. 

One day we will retire.  One day, we will begin to live the life we have dreamed for ourselves.  We tell ourselves that we will have more time.  When our kids have grown.  Our house is paid.  We have enough return on investment.  We will have more of everything.  More time to do anything we want. 

We make a grave mistake.

We falsely reason, that because we lived yesterday, we are bound to see tomorrow.

But rain falls in real time and rain fell through the night.

You find yourself in your middle years and cannot remember where all the time went.  You cannot understand where the world went.  The world you knew as a child.

There is no dress rehearsal.

There are no do overs. 

One life.

Your life.

One time.

This time.

Quit doing and watching.

Start being and living.