It is more important to click with people

than to click the shutter.

Alfred Eisenstaedt


It is important to see the value of all human beings,

If you choose not to, you will miss a chance to create great art, and to capture the imagination.

Many photographers and most other professionals for that matter, get involved in the seductive technologically driven, navel gazing, and pixel peeping.  They get all wrapped up in the pornofication of art.  The obsessing over creating most perfect photograph, of writing the most technically defined paragraph, and of having the most likes and followers.

But we should never forget the individual.

Being human should mean something.

We should never forget the connection we need to make with our clients.  We should never forget that making a human connection is far more precious than whatever technical knowledge may hope to accomplish.  

No matter what we do.  No matter what dreams we may hold.  It always leads and belongs to people.

Real people.

People with struggles and hopes.

People with scars and regrets.

People with strength and courage.

Beautiful people. 

Meaningful people.

Your images will become captivating, if you click with people, before you click the camera. 

Your writing will become far more compelling if you write from the heart. 

Your songs will sound groovier, if you write with sincerity and vulnerability.

The key is to connect.

Connect before you click.