Do no spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;

remember that what you now have

was once among the things

you once hoped for.



Don’t forget where you come from and don’t forget where you have been.

Whatever you do, don’t spoil everything that you have.

Be grateful.  Always.

Gratitude is a secret, often unutilized, sometimes forgotten, state of being that multiplies itself and makes friends wherever she goes.

You get what you see.

You can see sadness in long rainy days, or the beauty and commitment of plant life that is anxious to bear good fruit.

You can see the struggle and pain of your failed marriage, or you can see the needs and desires of the children you have created together.

You can see your spouse for the bitch or prick you think they are, or you can see them for the mother and father they struggle to be. 

You can complain about your job, your long hours, the monotony, how nobody understands, how it is killing your soul, or you can be grateful that you have it and are not preparing yourself to go to yet another interview, attempting to impress yet another gate keeper, hoping to make your way back inside, once again.

Don’t forget how lonely you felt.  How much you wanted to be older and be wiser.  Don’t forget how much you wanted a real job.  A real family.  A real purpose in life.

Be grateful.

Gratitude is self-diffusive. 

Those who know their past, and bound or doomed to repeat it.

Be grateful and you’ll beget more things to be grateful for.