A nation’s strength ultimately consists in what it can do on its own,

and not in what it can borrow from others.

Indira Gandhi


There is a difference between universal independence and selfish dependence.

Selfish dependence; borrows, hordes, consumes, and devours.  It unquenchably preys on the lives and generosity of others.

Universal independence on the other hand; lends, shares, creates, and builds.  The fruits of independence are released and infused in every human action that is directed for the good of others.

A nations strength, as well as our own, cannot be based on our human rights, human laws, or benevolent wishful thinking.

Our strength must take courage in our human responsibilities, in the commandment to love our  neighbour, plus concrete and purposeful action.

Our nation and indeed our happiness, lies in the reality that we were born with all the things we will ever need in life.  We were born with a blueprint and an architectural design to acquire all of the things we desire, but do not yet have.

We get there, by helping others get there as well.

It is through freely lending our gifts to others, sharing our talents, birthing new art, that will we build a better world, and in the process, a more meaningful self.

We need strong universal independence.

We need a nation of individuals who work hard to share themselves.

We need universal independence and purposeful action, not selfish dependence and an open hand.