You can’t build a reputation,

on what you are going to do.

Henry Ford


Dreams don’t come true by dreaming, they come true by doing.

But there are a few steps in between.

Everything starts when you have the courage to dream out loud.  You take a second step when you write your dreams down and revisit them often. 

You take another step when you complete your research and find out how much and how long it will take for you to get there. You need a concrete plan.  A detailed cost structure.  You need to know everything on a micro level.

It also helps to be honest with yourself and accept what you can achieve on your own, and who you need to help you see it through. 

Then you dig your ditch.  You keep digging.  You don’t stop digging.

You must to go to work on your dreams. 

Don’t wait for the weekend. Don’t wait till you feel like it.  Don’t wait for the right time or the right moment.  The moment is now.  It is always now.

Your reputation will be built on your success but it will also be built on your ability to rise above failure. 

The second building block is more important.  Most people will quit when they experience the first sign of failure, so learning how to fail and failing often plays a vital role in your success.

Forget what you don’t know.  Forget what you haven’t done.

Get to work.

Do today, what you didn’t do yesterday, and you’ll forget to do tomorrow.

Dig your ditch!