You cannot find peace

by avoiding life.

Virginia Woolf


You cannot find peace by avoiding life.

You cannot control it. 

You cannot ignore it, or fully embrace it. 

You cannot just sit there and wait for tomorrow. 

Nor can you give up and live in the past. 

Well, you can, but that’s not really a life, it’s a wretched prison cell of your own making.

You will frustrate yourself, when you stubbornly resist and brace yourself against the capricious act living.  You will only avoid peace and instead find yourself embracing a life of perpetual anxiety and fear.   

You need to leap forward and let go.

The life you have is not worth dying for anyhow.

You had nothing to do with your first heart beat and you will not be consulted when it will be time for your heart to take its final curtain call.  You don’t control the beginning or the end, but you do have full autonomy and absolute freedom to live everything in between. 

Magic happens in the in between.

If only you could avert your gaze from the things you cannot change, and embrace the life you have and are dreaming of.

Life is a demanding task master. 

It demands much, because you have much to give.

Stop casting your gaze downward.  Stop bitching and complaining about where you are or where you have been.

Look up. 

Find peace in the every-day struggle of living.