Make the most of yourself

by fanning the tiny,

inner sparks of possibility,

 into flames of achievement

Golda Meir


If you have the foresight to behold the majesty and vastness of the universe, it is almost impossible not to feel a little bit small, perhaps a whole lot of tiny, and immensely insignificant.

Yet, even the smallest nuclear particle, the tiniest atom, when used suitably, through nuclear fusion, leads to enormous energy and fans the flames of achievement for millions of people.

So, stop looking at yourself and start gazing at the universe.

Stop asking why this doesn’t work, and ask what else you can try that might work.

Stop looking for the perfect opportunity and the right moment.

Start acting on the smallest hint of possibility and the tiniest opportunity for success.

Make the most of your life.

Make the most of your talents.

Tiny though they may be, even the smallest tear, dropped into the ocean, will batter the coastlines with immense waves.

Imagine the possibility.

Ignore the deafening noise of failure.

Be the spark that makes a difference.

Fan the flames of success.

If you feel inadequate, help those who are leading the charge.

Don’t let the bastards grind you down.