A boy (or girl) can learn a lot from a dog:

obedience, loyalty, and

the importance of turning around three times

before lying down

Robert Benchley


I am glad that at some point in our human evolution, we struck a deal with dogs and became inseparable companions.

Dogs are obedient. 

They are taught to be obedient.  Obedience doesn’t mysteriously appear, and does not take shape through accident.  It is shaped.  Endured.  Repeated.

We need to learn obedience to fulfill our dreams.  We must listen to wisdom and follow her advice dutifully, without question.

We must also be loyal.

Loyal to our family.  Faithful to our wife and children.  Loyal to our friends.  Unwavering in our presence and our commitment to their lives.

Finally, we must all learn to turn ourselves around three times.

We must never lay down too quickly.

Learn to live with failure.  Continue to test and push.  Rise and fall.  Stumble.  Stub. 

Walk in darkness towards the light.

Don’t lay down.

Be obedient and loyal and turn yourself around

Cause’ that’s what it’s all about.