If today you hear his voice,

harden not your hearts.

King David

(Psalm 95)


Hearing only requires a fading nod.

Listening requires hard work.

If today, you hear the voice of your dreams, shouting or perhaps whispering into your soul, harden not your heart and listen. 

If today, you need to do something important, to cultivate the ground, so that someday, your dreams may spring true, harden not your hands and get to work.

If today, you want to quit, cry, scream, curse, or lash out at yourself, for being a useless failure, harden not your words and forgive yourself.  Let go.

Stand where you are, weather the storm, harden not your heart.

There is no quadruple bypass surgery for a broken heart.  There is no prosthetic for an amputated spirit.

There is only one and only one, unforgivable sin. 

To give up.

We never know when we will get another chance to hear his voice, but we can be prepared, with open minds and soft hearts.

Harden not your heart.


Be grateful for today.