The lesson is

thatyou can make mistakes

and be forgiven

Robert Downie Jr.


Self-criticism, shame, and self-doubt, stunt the soul. 

Those little prickly voices ensnare themselves very deeply inside our mind.  Voices that perpetuate, scream, and whisper nasty, vile, destructive lies. 

Lies which distorts what it means to be human. 

Lies that in a misguided way seek to preserve our life, but in the end, bind us in chains, and force us into hiding. 

We hide from the world.  We hide from each other.  We end up strangers to ourselves. 

So why do we believe those lies?  Why are we so desperate to avoid mistakes?

I think the remedy is more important than the sickness.


Don’t ask why you make mistakes.  Prepare yourself to forgive yourself.

I’m not talking about being a mean son of a bitch, cheating on your wife, stealing money, or spreading insidious gossip.

I am talking about doing what we love.  Failing and giving ourselves permission to try again.

Redeem yourself. 

Forgive yourself the act of living.