It has long been an axiom of mine

that the little things

are infinitely

most important

Arthur Conan Doyle


We measure our lives by big moments, large gatherings, and spectacular achievements.

We love big houses, fast cars, hard bodies, fame, fortune, and everything else.

But what about the little things?

What about always being there when you are needed? 

Always.  Without fail.  At all costs.

What about doing the dishes, folding laundry, walking the dog, playing dollies, stacking dominos, grocery shopping, or morning coffee?

What about the little things in life?

The unseen and the forgotten.

Are we aware of our little moments, the little things, that speak so loudly about who we truly are, and reveal the depth and meaning of our lives.

Anyone can show up for the big moments.  We are pushed into them. 

Only the wise and the free are happiest happy in the quiet moments of insignificance.

Little things.

Little moments.

Turn us into giants.