A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

Ziad K. Abdelnour


What you ask out of life will be shipped to you, so ask very wisely and carefully, or you will never see what you long to see.

The mind is not a static thing. It is not a bone, or a heart because it is always learning, growing, developing and trying to give you what you want out of life. But if pester it horrific news when you wake up and before you go to bed, what do you expect to see and to happen in your life. What you put into your mind, you’ll be eventually able to harvest. What you don’t plant, you cannot nurture, you cannot keep strong by weeding, and you certainly cannot reap it.

You need a positive mind, and it begins with fighting negative thoughts and words inside your very head. It also requires fighting and staying away from other negative minds, no matter if they are family, friends, or neighbours. A positive mind also requires nourishment. You have to feed it with good books, good music, good news, and have it meet and mingle with good people. Than and only then will you begin to see what your life really is and how meaningful your existence.

So why don’t we do it? Why don’t we do what we know is the right thing to do?

We maintain toxic relationships. We empower people with false hope and make false promises to ourselves. We get sucked into political debates and our blood pressure rises over this and over that and we justify it all in the name of democracy and freedom. After all, we have a right to know, be in the know, so we can make well informed decisions.

But is that really why we do it?

Can we really change people, or the world we find ourselves in? Can we convince banks to help poor people out and not take advantage of them when they most need it? Can we convince a young person that learning will help to shape their future, when a beautiful join will only temporarily release them from whatever they need to be relived of.

It’s easy to follow along. It’s easy to be negative. We have many opportunities and nobody, absolutely nobody is ever going to stop us from doing so. That’s why being hopeful and positive is so hard. You will feel alone and swim upstream the rest of your life. But you will not be alone. You have to realize that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands, and really millions and millions of people that want the same thing.

We all want peace, and happiness, and to know that our lives matter. This is why developing and creating a positive mind is not an afterthought but should become the primary goal, that feeds everything else in our life. Being positive and feeding the mind great things, each and every day, should be something that we structure into everything we’re involved with.

A positive mind will never give you a negative life. That is impossible. Neither will a negative mind produce something positive. 

Be conscious of what you say about yourself and others. Know what those you hold close to your heart say about themselves and others. Pay attention to what you let in.

Plant good seeds today, and you can’t help but harvest a happy life tomorrow.