What is a cynic?

A man who knows the price of everything,

and the value of nothing.

Oscar Wilde


Are you a cynic?

Is the world you know falling apart?  Are people liars and thieves?  Only motivated by human greed and self-interest?  Does misfortune and misery follow you around like body odor, on a hot and humid afternoon?

You certainly know the cost of things. 

You know what you want and you make a detailed list of what you don’t have.  You are jealous of others and you resent how seemingly effortless life is for those lucky sons of bitches.

If only you were so lucky.  If you only had their talent.  If only you had their education.  If only you hand their money.  If only you had more time in day.

If only.


There is no luck.

If you had their talent, you would still watch way too much television and do nothing about it.  If you had their education, you would never use it.  If you had their money, you would certainly lose it.  As for as more time in the day is concerned, I would like to point out that the sun rises and sets equally for everyone.  What you do in between is what makes the difference.

Don’t count the cost. 

Stop being paralyzed by the price.

See the value in things and especially in people.

Invest in yourself and help others.

Be grateful.  Gracious.  Giving.  Helpful.  Hopeful.  Faithful.  Kind.

Be who you were born to be.