People create stories create people; or rather stories create people create stories.

Chinua Achebe


One thing is for sure everyone is a story teller. What remains to be seen is the kind of story you’re going to tell, and the type of stories you listen to all the time. Truth and reality are very elusive things. They exist, but they look so much different before we experience them, while we’re experiencing them, and after we experience them. Truth and reality are often nothing more than the stories we tell ourselves and so it’s important to tell and listen to the right kind of story.

You should write a story how you can. Leave the stories of how you can’t, or how it’s too late, or how it was never meant to be to someone else. Don’t write a tragedy, but some kind of comedy action adventure. A whimsical musical tale that the world has never experienced before, because it hasn’t, because the world never knew a hero or heroine like you. You’re not Hamlet or Juliet, you’re real, three dimensional, unrepeatable and the stories you tell yourself about yourself and the world around you define the reality of who you are becoming.

People create stories create people and people create stories create people.

It’s all made up anyway. 

You can choose to sell everything that you own and give it away to the poor, and you’ll have little control what happens to that money or what will happen to you. Your money might be put to good use, or it might go into an junkies arm. People will write wonderful stories about you, or they will criticize you, call you stupid, and spread all kinds of nasty gossip about you. They will do that because you are nothing more than a story to them. They don’t know you. They will never know you, and so they spin, and spin whatever suits their fancy.

If it’s all made up anyway, why not surround yourself with stories you want to hear and storytellers that will do you tremendous good? Why not believe that you can, work with all your will, and dream like what you want is already here, it just hasn’t been delivered yet.

You need to become a great story teller. You were put here on this earth to be a great story teller. Everyone has been. We spend the first half of our life listening to one story after the next. We spend a great deal of time figuring out which stories we like and which stories we don’t. We absorb story after story and we also write a great deal of them, unaware that we are story tellers. Each and every single last one of us.

Abandon today what is holding you back. Stop reading the book that fictionalizes and trivializes your abilities and the possibilities of an unbelievable future. Feed your mind with stories of courage,  hope, love and tenacity. Start writing and living who you are and sharing who you want to be. Create some great stories that will create some great people and encourage and guide those people to create some great stories of their own.