Be careful who you call your friends. I’d rather have four quarters than one hundred pennies

Al Capone


Be very careful of the company you keep and who you call a friend. It’s very easy to throw the word around and make it utterly meaningless. But offering friendship and receiving it in kind is a sacred responsibility. 

Without friends life is tasteless. 

Be careful of who you call a friend or how much you care to be liked on social media. Many so called friends are a dime a dozen.  Not worth a hundred pennies and if with all things being equal, four quarters, four dear and meaningful friendship are worth infinitely more than thousands and thousands of followers. 

The best way to have a dear friend is to be a dear friend, but being a good friend also means not letting your friends get away with treating you less than you deserve. 

You are the company you keep. 

Take a look at your friends. Gather all the coins you have in your life and take a serious look at the value they hold on your life. 

Do they understand and support who you are trying become or do they put you down so that you remain someone they are comfortable knowing? Do your friends push you to be your very best self, or so they drag you down to be a version of yourself you never want to see again?

Are they there when things get rough or so they get busy? And what kind of a friend are you?

Four quarters are better than a hundred pennies even though on the surface both seem to hold the same value. 

Being a friend is not easy. Relationships are messy and sloppy. Having a friend is not easy either. Finding the time to spend with them among the many responsibilities and commitments on our life begs that we pick wisely and hold on to them firmly. 

Don’t take your fiends for granted and don’t give your friends more credit than they deserve. 

Who sees you in person on your birthday? Who sends you a text and who is promoted to send you a Facebook message? Where you see them and how often is an indication of what you mean to them. 

Less is more. You can’t be yourself with everyone and all the time. You have to choose. Sometimes choose one person over another. Sometimes you have to end friendships that go nowhere or worse go where you don’t want them to go. Friendship comes with a lot of choice and options. 

Friendship is either a set of quarters or a bunch of pennies you don’t even bother to pick up off the pavement. Quarter are better. They can be used in the parking meter of life. Pennies serve a very superficial purpose.