When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world. 

George Washington Carver

Nobody wants to be common but for some reason we end up follow the wide trodden road of the crowd and become no different then they are. We end up mirroring a pack of sheep and bleep our way through our life, wondering why it’s so difficult to find the energy and face the dreaded Monday morning commute to work. 

With common effort comes common rewards, but every single one of us is so much better than that. We are great beyond our understanding, yet separating from the pack than that is no easy feat. Words are easy to say. Living out their meaning proves infinitely more difficult. There are many things in life that give us a spark and a nudge in the right direction, but our lives don’t catch fire. The spark fizzles quickly and dies out, and instead of switching paths, instead of finding the rough uncommon way, we shuffle our feet like we did yesterday and the day before that. 

We let our lives to remain the same. We don’t change because we continue Nothing changes to live ordinary, common lives, but what if you made a change? Any change. Without thinking if it is going to work this time. Without quitting a week or two in. What if you decided to do something uncommon, today, right now, and stuck to it for a few years? What would happen this freedom that you exercised today would garner you the attention of the world?

What would you say to them? How would you inspire them? How would your life be better and how could you make theirs more meaningful?

Why can’t that become a reality?

Set out from this day forward to do uncommon things in your life. Sign up for a cooking class or an acrylic painting class. Write down an outline of your novel, or record a demo of that song which has been haunting you for weeks and months. Go visit your elderly mother on a regular basis, not when it’s convenient or society nudges you to do so. Our elders hold the wisdom we should seek out. It is an uncommon wisdom, that is often all too common to ignore.

Take actions against the pack. If everyone hates Monday’s, learn to love them. At first it will just be words, but I promise you that if you say them enough, if you discipline yourself to stop being negative and to believe that every day of the week brings with it magical possibilities, in time you are going to fall in love with Monday’s. And when you do you will also fall in love with the rest of your life.

You will feel alone, because you will be uncommon. People will no longer share gossip with you. People will think that your life is now so easy and that you get all the breaks. You will want to abandon all of that just to belong, but you were born for more than that. You were born with a voice, a voice to command the attention of the world. There is nothing more meaningful than that.

So be uncommon. Shun common things and a common way of life.

Become great. One of a kind. An irreplaceable unique human marvel.

Become who you already are.