No one would have crossed the ocean if he could have gotten off the ship in the storm.

Charles Kettering

Nobody likes a storm and nobody willing enters one, but we find ourselves in storm all the time. Some are storms outside of our control but sometimes, and those are the storms that matter, we have the courage to sail and are willing to face down the storm that comes when chase down our dreams.

When you are planning to take over the world, when you are planning to be someone better and make a meaningful impact on those around you, you do not see the storm. You don’t see the negative criticism that is going to come your way. You don’t see the mistakes you are going to make, or how terrible it is going to feel to fail. You can’t see any of it but that doesn’t mean that you don’t set sail and that you don’t go where others are afraid to go.

Few would get to the end of the other side of the world, if they had a chance to stop and get off. Because dreams are not a dangerous and vast ocean, many people do get off the ship of their dreams. They remain on land, never venturing too far from the comfortable life they have created, or fell into.

But the best way to get to your dreams is to prepare to finish. No matter what. No matter what storms, and regardless of everything that life is going to throw at you, it is very crucial to commit yourself to get to the other side. 

On the other side is everything you dream of being and having. Better., much better, because only on the other side can you discover more things that you simply cannot see all the way on the other side of the world. Sometimes failures on the other side of the world are still successes and most certainly the journey to the other side is more meaningful than the short live euphoria of arriving.

You should hold on to your dreams. You should continue sailing, adjusting your compass as needed, without ever stopping or quitting your journey. There are plenty of things to quit in your life. Indecision, procrastination, negative thinking, to name a few. 

Remember that you were born to cross the ocean. A might ship that remain in the harbour where it was built remains same and intact but it cannot be called a ship. Ships were built to sail, and you were born to be great. There is no denying that, regardless how fantastical or unreal it may seem.

Set sail tonight and don’t look back. If you’re already on the vast ocean, encourage your heart and your resolve and keep going. Ride the wind. Absorb the waves. Withstand the coming storms and you will be overwhelmed with gratitude when you see the beauty and majesty of a far distant land you only ever read and dreamed about.