No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.

Robin Williams

If you can change your mind and become positive, there is not telling what good and lasting change you can bring about in our world that so desperately needs it. Yet many people will tell you that is impossible. They will point to newspaper stories, history books, and offer you their own personal stories of woe and regret, but they are wrong. They are not wrong in that there is much wrong that takes place in the world, or that they haven’t suffered, and sometimes suffered a lot, but they are wrong in that things can’t be different. 

The reward of negativity and gossip is instant. It gives you a communal high. You feel a sense of belonging and indeed it feels damn good to know that you are not alone, and that other people seem what you see and experience what you experience. But where can you go after this? Negative ideas and words bring us down. They keep us prisoner. Negative thinking robs us of being who we are meant to be and it robs the world of life never lived.

I don’t live on fairy dust and I don’t wear rose coloured glasses, but no matter what you may hear out there, your thoughts, your ideas, and your language is the most important thing you can focus on and elect to change.

It seems so simple and unimportant. Words are just made up of letters, but they are extremely powerful. We forget a lot in our life, but we remember all the I love you’s and it is those I love you’s that we need to surround ourselves with.

Everyone has toxic people in their life. They are your family members and they are your coworkers. Family is harder to mitigate than those you work with, but it is very possible to have control what you are effected by. In the same way, social media and the internet have a tremendous power over us, but not if we stand on guard an not let it. We cannot fight the war after. We cannot sit back and let the negative, cancerous ideas enter our mind and then wonder why we are tired and left without any genuine desire to do anything meaningful.

We have to shut bad thoughts out and let good thoughts in. That is the power every person was given that cannot be taken away by any government, institution, or individual person. You are free. Men and women have sacrificed their lives for this word freedom, but if you don’t give it meaning, if you don’t put a value on that word, then they died for someone else, they did not die for you.

And that would be a shame, because you are a beautiful and wonderful person. You can change yourself and you can change the world, but first you have to change your mind.