No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


Let’s get at the heart of the matter. Whoever you want to be and whatever greatness you dream of accomplishing starts and ends in human kindness. There is a immutable and unseen connection between all people and indeed all living things. 

We get stuck and intimidated by measuring ourselves against some of the creative greatness that have come before us over the centuries. Our museums are full of amazing art. Our libraries are full of volume upon volume of amazing text, we can’t possibly read through. We get intimidated by greatness because we see ourselves as small.

But lets get back to the heart of the matter. At the heart of everything we do, or at the heart of everything we should do are real people, people we know and people we don’t know. We are connected. One big, impossible to grasp, dysfunctional happy family If we are intimidated by what great things came before us, and if we are scared of not being good enough to contribute to what happens next, we put ourselves in the rea danger of wasting our kindness.

Thinking you’re not good enough, and believing that your life or work doesn’t matter because nobody really sees it robs the world of your talent and wastes your time feeling sorry for yourself.

Everything you do and create matters. All acts of kindness, no matter how minuscule and insignificant matter and are never a waste of time.

When you shed a tear remembering a person who died might not mean anything to anybody else but yourself. It may seem that it makes no difference. It doesn’t bring the dead back. It seems not to serves a purpose, but it does. It makes you beautifully human. It shows that love matters. That relationships are real that investing time and energy by being involved in other peoples lives is the greatest thing you could ever do.

Love and kindness is at the heart of the matter. It is the reason we do anything that we do. Kindness is the reason we want to be great, why we dream, and why we are so frustrated when things don’t turn out quite the way we want them to be.

But don’t let that stop you. Remember that any movement that helps or desires to help someone else. Any act that creates something that never existed before no matter how small, brings you close to feeling and being who you were born to be. 

No act that aims to unite, to explain, to change for the better is ever to small. Even if it is whispered. Even if it is unnoticed or ignored. Everything makes a difference. 

A single tear dropped from on high into the middle of the still ocean, will in time, become an overpowering wave that crashes upon the shore. That single tear, or a smile, or a string of words bearing kindness matter. They are everything, and it is impossible to put every single kind act or creative endeavour inside a museum or inside a book, or on television.

Be kind. Be creative. Never stop loving or creating. Love and create when no one is looking Love and create when it doesn’t seem to matter because it matters. Nothing is ever wasted. You may not be able to see it, but your life means a great deal and we are so much better together. We are family and when you realize we are a family, it is impossible to feel small.