In the measurement world, you set a goal and strive for it. 

In the universe of possibility, you set the context and let life unfold.

Ben Zander


There are two worlds you can choose to belong to, the world of measurement and the world of possibility. Most of us exist or ply our trade in the world of measurement. We work hard for our grades, compete for bonuses and promotions, and measure ourselves against the perceived normed and draw our happiness from it. But it’s not working. The world of measurement needs most people to fail and be unable to attain what they seek.

That is not the reality of the universe of possibility. The universe of possibility not some fantastical, dreamed up, cozy idea, it is as real as the pain of disappointment of not being good enough to do and be who we want to be.

Possibilities are just that, openness for what we want to arrive in whatever incarnation and in whatever timeframe it desires. It is the discipline to know that the work depends on us, but the success of our work depends on everything else, and it’s this embrace that will get us what we desire, but we have to let life unfold at its own pace in order to bring us what we desire, and in most cases, something better.

This is not a blind process. It’s not magic. It’s a frame of mind. 

In this frame of mind you know that you want to become a musician, and so you embark on the task of picking a genre and selecting an instrument. You devote over 10,000 hours or so to master this instrument, failing, succeeding along the way. You also set your heart on writing, enterprising, recording, and performing your music. You devote many hours to that as well. 

In order to do this you need to live in a universe of possibilities. A universe full of unknown destinations, but very concrete daily tasks. If you have the discipline and the gumption to do this, at any age, you will discover that life will unfold itself and amazing things will happen. Thing you didn’t see on the horizon. Things you could never have dreamed of. You will experience success, meet people, and embrace experiences that only a life filled with yes and determined action can bring you.

It’s not easy. Most people prefer the world of measurement because the rewards are immediate or measurable and there is strength in numbers. If you don’t get that promotion, and if you don’t find yourself at the top of your graduating class, you’re not alone and everyone will understand.

You’re being called by the universe of possibilites. By the reality of the idea that your life matters, your work matters, and if you choose to devote the rest of your life to it, the whole world will be so much better for it. You will do amazing things. You will experience amazing things. 

Don’t limit yourself by measuring where you’ve been and where you think you cannot go. Don’t look down, but up. Don’t look back, but forward. Don’t ever say that you can’t, but figure out a way, find a person, discover a method by which you can and will.