When your problems seem like mountains, feel the need to find some answers,

you can leave it for another day, don’t try so hard

Farrokh Bulsara

(Freddy Mercury)


The more you are engaged in meaningful living and even if you’re not, there are periods of our life that seem heavy and mountainous. They trap us, overwhelm us, and we choose to feel helpless and defeated. At those moments fate seems to have an upper hand and any notion of freedom has disappeared and hidden from our sight.

This is the human condition, the rhythm of life. Like our heartbeat, life takes us through valleys as well as mountains but no matter where we find ourselves we are forever asking what is the meaning of what we are doing and ultimately what is the meaning of everything. What is the point. The point of struggling, of fighting, of forgiving, of trying all over again.

It’s important not to get overwhelmed and swept up in the irrational emotions of those moments. When we feel subdued by our circumstances, we don’t see things they way they really are, we make assumptions, and we make decisions that do not help us find a beautiful valley, and leave the mountains much sooner.

You can leave your problems for another day. Some say you can’t, but you can. Part of doing so requires the humility and acceptance that we are not in charge. We are free to make our way in the world, but we are forever swayed and affected by the freedom of others that will ultimately be thrust upon us. If we destroy our environment, everyone will have a tougher time. Nature will not discriminate between those who tried and those who didn’t. The same is true of medical advancement. Those advancements will be made available to everyone. As was travel no matter if you thought the world was flat, or blasphemed that it was spherical.

Don’t try so hard.

This is not an invitation to be lazy. This is not a call to postpone the things you have to do no matter how you feel or how many problems you have to face. Don’t try so hard, is an invitation not to crumble. It is an invitation to seek shelter in a storm. It is not a summons to quit.

Far from it. Taking a moment to find yourself and recognize your awesome humanity at a time of unbearable and sometimes inhuman circumstances is an invitation to be better.

That’s what living is all about anyway. Each and every day we get to be someone we dreamed of being yesterday. Every day we wake up and have another chance to be with people we love, and do the things that give meaning to our life.

Don’t tremble and fear the moments of your life that will bring you to your knees. Don’t fight those moments. Accept them, and before you manage a counter attack, don’t try so hard, and be present. Be human. Be the amazing person you’re intended to be. Be yourself.