The mind is everything. If you don’t believe you can do something then you can’t.

Kai Greene


It takes everyone a little time to realize how powerful their mind is.

When you were younger, perhaps you took your brain for granted. You saw it as just another muscle, or you paid it no attention at all, it was just another thing, no more valuable than anything else. You used it, like a farmer uses a horse to plow his field. You used your brain to get high marks and to make some sense about the world you found yourself in. Then perhaps you began to abuse it by not giving it enough nutrition or sleep. You pushed its limits with drugs and alcohol. You inundated your brain with hundreds of thousands of commercials that tell you that you were simply not good enough, and you watch thousands of hours of television admiring lives of someone else. People that were always better than you.

It’s not to late to realize that your mind is everything. Properly nourished, rested, and devoid of poisons, it can be a difference maker in your life.

When your mind is tired, when it thinks that you cannot do something, you can’t help but feel tired and produce what you think you can. It’s so simple yet many of us continue an abusive relationship with our mind, and we are disappointed by the lives we live and the pessimistic attitudes that permeate our being.

The truth is that you can and will, but you need the right frame of mind, the right mindset, if you are to get anywhere.

Your brain only uses about ten percent of its capability. Scientists are puzzled by this and wonder what will happen to the human race, if we ever learn to use the other ninety percent. But you and I don’t have to wait for us to tap into the unused portion of our minds. We need to focus on utilizing and maximizing what we’ve been given because what we’ve been given is enough to be and live the life we dream of living.

If you believe you can than you will. Deep down, no matter how sceptical you have learned to be, you know I am right. There are many examples of this. People doing heroic things when called upon. Lifting fallen debris, three or four times their own weight because they have a purpose to save someones life. People become lighting fast, flying into burning buildings to rescue people and pets. They find energy when there is no energy. They find a way, when there is no way. They find answers to questions, no one else could.

That is the power of the mind, but it can be harnessed all the time. You don’t have to wait to panic or to be in a crisis, to get your mind right. You have to start today. You have to feed it. Rest it. Give it thoughts and ideas that lead to greatness and in time, the power that is within you will manifest itself to the world.

Don’t take your mind for granted.

Don’t take yourself or your life for granted.

It starts with your mind and ends with the greatness that’s within you.