“Make the lie big,

Make it simple,

Keep saying it,

And eventually,

They will believe it”.

Adolf Hitler


You are stupid and useless.

An absolute failure and a complete disgrace. 

An infinite burden on humanity. 

A wretched embracement.

A piece of shit.


You’ll never change. 

You’ll never outrun your past.

You can’t change who you are.

You are too old and too tired.

Nothing ever goes right.

Everything always goes wrong.


Truth is never simple.

It is subtle and small by nature. 

It is rarely simple or subtle, because it holds at its core a very complex series of decisions and intangible circumstances. 

Truth sometimes takes a lifetime to fully understand and appreciate.


One thing is for sure. 

What you say to yourself, again and again, will become your experience.

Keep telling yourself lies, and you’ll become them.

Keep telling yourself that you are an absolute failure and you will only be able to see your mistakes.  Get absorbed by those mistakes, and you will never see your victories, or your true self-worth.

Come to believe the lies you so readily spread about yourself, and become a follower of tyrants. 

A resident of hate. 

A citizen of the culture of death.