See everything, overlook a great deal, correct a little.



You must see everything, the good, the bad, and the fugly. You don’t have to inundate yourself with daily news that speaks of the destruction and demise of all civilization. You don’t have to listen to gossip, or be infected with all sorts of negativity, but you do have to see everything. You can’t be blind to the world, or to people, or to your own misgivings and failures. You must see the truth, as much as anyone can, because to do otherwise seems childish.

You have to see everything. Understand everything. Embrace everything and then you have to ignore and overlook most of it. If you don’t, you’ll crush your spirit, develop ulcers, and become unhealthily anxious. Anxious about anything. Anxious about everything, and so that’s why you have to ignore what the president of the United States has just said to upset people. You have to ignore your neighbour who refuses to listen to reason. You have to ignore all the Christmas decorations that are out the day after halloween and profess to celebrate the joys and beauty of Christmas, but do nothing more than promote commerce and debt.

You have to ignore and overlook a great deal in your life. Like the mistakes you’ve made in the past. How things haven’t worked out the way that you thought that you would. You have to ignore and not become a prisoner of what once was, because you are stronger than that, and a successful future is not decided by the mistakes of the past. It might be a little slower in coming as a result but it is never, ever deterred by what once was and is no more.

So focus on changing just a little. Do the bare minimum. Get comfortable with being a little bit uncomfortable. Take a step in a direction you’ve never been. Work a extra half an hour for things you want to achieve. Get a planner to organize your life. Write one note of gratitude and thanks each day and send it to one person to brighten up their day. Spend twenty more minutes being present with your children. Refuse one glass of wine per week. Go for three extra walks in a month. Make a meal you’ve never tried. Visit a restaurant you’ve never been to. Share your smile with someone who needs it and stop saying no, I can’t, it won’t, it never, I’m too old, I’m not good enough, and it’s too much.

Don’t be blind to the reality that surrounds you. Be conscious of who you are, Know your strengths and know your weaknesses, but don’t let that weigh down your great spirit. Don’t let any of that deter you from being who you know you are meant to be. Change one thing, and than change another. Drip by drip. Bit by bit. Step by step go where you’ve never been. See what you’ve never seen, and don’t forget to help someone drip a little too. We all need to be reminded that the little insignificant steps we take, are seen are noticed, and matter.