Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

Erich Fromm


You are a talented and creative person. Don’t deny it, or hide from it, or by bashful as a result of it. You might not have what the world deems desirable at the moment, but desirability is fleeting. Tomorrow, the world will find something else to get excited over, and the day after, they will be onto something else. It doesn’t matter. Creativity is deeper than popularity. And creativity is not an artistic endeavour either. We are surrounded by oodles and oodles of creativity everywhere.

People are solving all sorts of interesting problems, and some, are even inventing new ones, for someone else to solve.

There was a time when it was almost impossible to communicate over long distances, but Alexander Graham Bell came along and he created the telegraph. Nicola Tesla came along after him and invented the radio. Then we had the ability to record music, followed by the awe of motion pictures. Television followed shortly after and today the creation of the internet has provided everyone to talk to anyway, anytime and all the time.

Think about that. Within over a hundred years we went from not being able to say anything to saying absolutely everything, which in turn means almost nothing. But it’s creativity that has given us this possibility. It is creativity that requires and demands for you to let go of what will be and just focus on what is.

Creative demands that you don’t reject yourself, or your passion. Don’t end it before you finish. If you finish, don’t let it collect dust and be recycled along with everything else when you die. Do something with it. Have the courage to share your talents, whatever they are and don’t deny, or hide from them.

Let go of knowing what is going to happen. Let what is going to happen, happen. Let other people reject you. Let other people ignore you. Let other people turn their gaze away from what you have to offer.

You have to find strength in knowing that we live in an amazing time. We are not burdened with not having a voice, but rather with the inability to be heard, in an ocean of screeching and overpowering sounds. One competing louder and faster than the other your attention.

But stop for a moment. Don’t lose sight of the fact that there has never been a better time to do something that matters. It’s not that you can make an impact and reach millions of people, but rather, that you have the ability to make a difference in the life of one, or ten, or a hundred peoples lives.

Don’t deny or hide your creativity. Flame that fire that burns deep inside of you. Don’t be shy and bashful. This is not the time, because someone, somewhere needs to see how you do things.

Show us how you see the world. Show us what you taste, smell, or hear. Tell us how you would organize things, or what you would leave out, or what things you would add. Share your creativity with the world. The world is waiting. They are most certainly waiting, and even if they are not, what else do you have to get to that is more important than being a phenomenal human being?

So get creative. Be yourself. Don’t hide from anyone. Let go. Embrace the uncertainty and the voices of doubt inside your head. Embrace yourself. Commit to your creativity, and leave everything else to the unknown moments of tomorrow.