The grass is greener where you water it.

Neil Barringham


The grass is greener on the other side because the person who lives there chooses to water it. It’s amazing what can happen, isn’t it? When you do what you are supposed to do and behold what you’ve longed to behold

When you water the grass you were give, you give it life. Only you can give it life, and no amount of staring at other yards will ever bring a single drop of water to your lawn. This remind me of  the beautiful Cherokee legend about the two wolves who fight for control of who you are. One wolf represents the possibilities in your life, and the other wolf, all of the regrets and failures. The moral of the legend is that neither wolf has the ability to win your heart and mind. It always comes down to the one you choose to feed, and the lawn you choose to water.

I will not deny the fact that other people are more talented than you, that they have been at this longer than you, that perhaps they have had more help along the way. Yes, you may choose to sit there and admire those people, hoping a storm will come that will water your grass. That some benevolent fairy, some distant half cousin of Jack and the beanstalk, would come and make things happen while you’re busy doing something else. You could choose to do that, or you can reconsider.

Reconsider how you see yourself and those who have more talent. It doesn’t matter what someone else has accomplished and it serves nobody any good to not do something simply because somebody else has done it already. It is illogical and destructive.

You have to come to terms with the fact that you are a human being. All human being have value and talent. We may not have the talent or always receive the value we possess, but without question, we are powerful without measure.

I think you should water the grass you have. Make your lawn greener. Let those blades of grass stretch out and become something. They need you, just like the right wolf needs you, and you must not delay. Get over yourself and the many mistakes you have made. Get over your fear of how your work is going to fair against the very best. Life is not a competition or a race. Life is a conversation and a stroll through the part.

Now I am not saying that you don’t have to compete and kick some ass. I am also not saying that you need to run your race and show the world what you are made of. I am simply saying that you can compete and care, and not get crippled by winning or losing, or by comparing yourself to some grass you have no business comparing yourself to.

Let people be who they are. You have no idea what they had to do to get where they are. You have no idea what is inside their mind. You have no idea what cost they have paid, which you might be unwilling to part with.

Worry about gathering water. Focus on becoming who you are meant to become. Focus on your destiny by creating the best work you can. Make your life greener. Make the world greener too. There is no reason to let your lawn go to waste.