Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.

Nellie Bly


Everything is life is energy. All of it. Everything we think of, hope for, and do, is nothing but pure energy. Therefore any of our actions will garner equal and opposite reactions. That’s Newtown’s law. It’s the law by which you can make your happiness happen.

It is quite humbling to imagine yourself as nothing more than a bundle of energy, humming comfortably at a temperature of about thirty seven degrees celsius. A being capable of anything. Ok, maybe not anything. After all, you cannot move stars, or travel back in time or will yourself to can’t see the future.

But despite your efforts seeming to be insignificant and being bit hesitant; the energy you release is very real, and it will be matched by some other energy, but it works best if that energy is rightly applied. You can accomplish so much more and make a difference so much faster, if that energy is directed.

You are energy and if you apply it rightly and direct it purposefully, there is indeed nothing you can’t accomplish, if you have the right vision, an infinite tenacity, and a helping hand or two.

Thinking negatively is misspent energy. Creating scenarios of gloom and doom, imagining all the different ways of how you’re going to fail, is misapplied energy. Complaining, being stuck by the mistakes of the past, calling yourself names, and wrapping yourself up in anxiety and fear is the wrong kind of energy to release to the world.

I realize that it is the type of energy that is released the most. Many people are afraid, negative, and gossipy. It can be exhausting fighting all this wrongly applied energy, but it can be done. You can turn things of. You can avoid certain people. You can go for walks in silence. You can apply your energy in the right way, so the universe can push back its wonders back in your direction.

You can’t control the energy of others, but you can control your own. You can control what you think inside your head. You can control the language you use too express who you are and what you are capable of. You control the friends you keep and the work you do. You have much that you control and if you realize that you are in control, and exercise that power, you’re doing nothing more than applying your energy and directing it towards a beautiful purpose.

Anything is possible. It seems impossible until you get there and laugh at yourself how silly you were that it seemed impossible. No, some things won’t turn over night. You cannot bake at a pie at a higher temperature. You can’t speed it up. All you will do is burn it. Yes, some things take time. Some things take a lifetime to accomplish, but what are you planning to do with your lifetime anyhow?

You have the time and you have the energy. You are going to spend it one way or another, so why not spend it the right way? Why not apply it to the right things at the right time? Why not direct it to an impossible dream and lead others to believe in theirs?

All life is pure energy. All life is a beautiful chorus. Add your voice. Push and the universe will respond.