Hope is the power of being cheerful

in circumstances

that we know to be desperate

GK Chesterton

Hope is powerful and cheerful.

It is often mistaken with superstition or worse, wishful thinking, but doing so, leaves you powerless.

Real hope appears irrational, desperate, divisive, and counter intuitive.

Real hope bears a smile.

Most people avoid hope because it requires definite and immediate action. 

Our actions ultimately demonstrate if we have hope.

Just examine the life of Terry Fox, and the Marathon of Hope.

Hope is real, but only when we act. 

Hope is not passive.  Wishful thinking is passive.

We will harness the power of hope when we fight and bravely face our desperate moments.  When we crawl, one knee in front of the other, through the desert sand, despite the unbearable heat.

Hope is powerful.

So are you.

You are powerful beyond measure, but you probably don’t believe it. 

You don’t have to be a superhero, you’re better, just be you. 

Face your desperate times, with the power of hope.