The most deadly poison of our times is indifference.

Maksymilian Maria Koble


It is very common today to worry about air pollution, about the state of our oceans, about various diseases known and unknown, and about everything in-between that can make us extremely sick. It is common because it is very worthwhile to be on guard against all sorts of poisons. But with all the worry and commotion we often neglect to address perhaps the deadliest poison of our time which is indifference.

We often confuse hatred being the opposite of love. We try desperately hard to rid the world of hate, wherever we dare to find it. We focus all our energy on our love battle with hate, that we forget that the true enemy of everything sacred is indifference. Nihilism or nothingness is perhaps the deadliest disease that has entered our human hearts and burrowed itself deeply into our subconsciousness.

Young girls are taught at an early age that it is more beneficial to yell ‘fire’ if they are being attacked, than to yell ‘rape’. People just don’t know what to do when they hear the word ‘rape’, they turtle and become indifferent to it, but the  ‘fire’ is something that they can wrap their minds around, and they respond in kind. Likewise, it was hatred that built so many concentration camps in order to rid the world of filth and weakness and to create a master race, but it was indifference that allowed them to brim at full capacity.

Be on guard against indifference in your life. Indifference towards subjects you are tired of hearing about over and over again. Indifference towards people you have never met, ideals you have never really examine, and most importantly indifference towards yourself.

I think you’re indifferent to who you are and what you are meant to do. You play small, hinging your hopes on a false humility which is nothing more than vicious pride. You should fight indifference at every turn and to the best of your ability.

It is a deadly poison. More dangerous then the latest weapons and misguided ideologies. Between 1918 and 1991 it was indifference that saw millions and millions of people falsely arrested, imprisoned, and die in the death camps of the former Soviet Union. The people who were taken to the Gulags for ‘rehabilitation’ we brought there on buses and trains. They were in the open, in plain sight, yet for the same reason why people respond with greater need to the word ‘fire’, than ‘rape’, nobody said a thing and they did even less.

Edmund Burke said that the only thing necessary for triumph of evil is for good men and women to do absolutely nothing. That continues to be the greatest poison of our time. It’s time for you and me to give a fuck. To stop sitting silently waiting for others to lead the charge. It’s time to stop waiting to be chosen. Time to stop obsessively educating ourselves. It’s time to stop being small and indifferent, and leap in big and make a difference.

There is a cure for the deadly poison plaguing our time. Deciding to do something, anything, pass or fail, and accepting yourself for the magnificent person that you are is the greatest medicine human beings need to discover. If we do. If we become less indifferent, I guarantee that all the other problems will take care of themselves.