People out of step with their purpose run the risk of being trapped in their pain.

Lisa Bevere


Every life has a meaning. Your coming into being has a definite purpose, but it won’t come after you, you have to come after it. But without any doubt or exaggeration, your life is unique, irreplaceable, and full of promise.

Too often though people become out of step with their purpose. We get fixated on things that don’t matter, or distracted by things that seem important or that others mistakenly deem important. If we wanted to we could generate a big list, which usually involves material possession or power of some kind. Not that material possession and power aren’t things to seek and enjoy, its just that too many people prioritize money and fame, over meaning and purpose.

If you put your pleasure, or wealth, or the glory of social followers in front of real meaning, you run a risk of being stuck in an existential vacuum. You run the possibility of waking up one day and realizing that you’re nothing but a human hamster in a deep, artificial, fast moving, spinning wheel. You’ll be tired. You’ll feel disoriented and directionless. Eventually living without purpose leads to terrible consequences. Many successful people have taken their lives recently, or have been driven to deep despair, but that need not happen.

There is no reason not to get in step with your purpose. There is no reason why you cannot make the meaning of your life a priority. Keep in mind, that somehow your health and wellbeing is intimately connected to the health and wellbeing of other people. If you want to have a purpose, you have to forget yourself, and help other people. By helping other people, you will in turn help yourself. And you can’t help humanity. It is only a word. It is a fancy concept on people’s lips that really doesn’t do anything. Donating money to a homeless shelter is important, but it is more important to bring a hot meal to a homeless person yourself, perhaps ask their name, discover who they are, where they are, and connect with them on a deep human level.

This is but one example. You can yield influence no matter where you are and who you are. Look around you and see the people you can influence today. Open your eyes and decide to do something meaning, something concrete and and something real.

Take action and get in step. Don’t get trapped in your own pain. Enter into someone else’s and in turn find your meaning and happiness you can’t possibly imagine.