If I’d observed all the rules, Id’ never have got anywhere.

Marilyn Monroe

Ignoring rules doesn’t mean being immoral or ugly. It doesn’t mean cheating, backstabbing, lying, being deceitful, or putting your boots into someone else’s face, to rise yourself higher. Ignoring the rules means breaking away from a rusty hamster wheel. It means freeing yourself from a thought process that serves itself and cannot look forward, towards something different, to something unknown, perhaps something greater than what is.

All great men and women in history have been rule breakers. People who know that something is not supposed to work, or what is expected of them, and yet they do the thing that isn’t going to work until it works and they achieve the unexpected. Of course the moment they emerge on the other side, we all gather around and tell them how great they are and how visionary, and how we all knew this was meant to be.

It’s easy to look backward and say see, than it is to focus your gaze forward and wonder what will be.

You need to break some rules. You need swim against the current. Unapologetically cut your way through a dense forrest that has never been travelled before. This is a lonely journey. No one will encourage you. No one will give you any assurance, and its not because they don’t want to, they just don’t see what you see, they don’t know what you know, but they are on your side, when you get there.

Be a rule breaker. Push the limits of what is, and explore what never has been. As a human race this is what we have done and you are no different. Ancient Greeks imagined Icarus soaring the sky with wings made of feathers and wax. Two thousand years later we soar the sky with wings of steel. Better, we soar the universe now. We haven’t gone far, but that doesn’t mean that in two thousand years, we won’t have another impossible story to tell.

You’re no different. You have an impossible story to tell. A story that won’t be written if you follow the rules and do what is expected of you. So paint outside of the lines, speak out of turn, walk out, and walk in. Be different. Be yourself. Be another rule breaker.