Despite everything, no one can dictate who you are to other people.



Despite everything, you are who you are, and you are the only one that was given the power to decide who you’re going to be, despite the chatter and dictates of other people.

You’re in charge. You’re in full control of your life. You are driving your life forward, but you are also free to give that you.  You have the freedom to be who you want to be or you can pretend to be what others think you should be. Being authentic you is better.

Be careful.

Think long and hard how you are living your life, because trying to live up to someone else’s ideals, will definitely give you someone else’s life and you should hold on to yours. Living someone else’s life, following ideas that are not your own, devalues your precious autonomy and chases their dreams. It will also make you very unhappy and tired.

This included the people who truly love you. Despite everything, even they cannot nor should they dictate who you are to others. They love you and you show them who they love. Don’t let, in their confusion, sway you into following a path you’ll be no better off taking. Their life is their life. Their thoughts are their thoughts. Yours are yours and your life was meant for you.

Despite everything, you’ve been given undeniable freedom to both be and become who you desire to be and become. It is a power you should not take lightly. It is a power you should learn to exercise daily. This doesn’t mean disregarding and ignoring the wisdom that is offered you, but what it means is finding the courage to speak up when something is not for you.

Speak up. Even when you get it wrong sometimes. Don’t let your mistakes dictate your next move or abandon where you wish to go. Don’t let your failures or opinions of others pull and push you into being someone you don’t wish to be.

Despite everything, only you can decide who you’re going to be, and only you get to decide who you’re going to present to other people. Their reactions are theirs, and despite their thoughts, it should not change the truth of who you are.

Despite everyone, be you. Wonderful. Unapologetic. Broken. Beautiful. Powerful. You.