Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door.

Emily Dickinson

Open every door.

Fling them wide open and do it with wild abandon. Walk through all the doors you find, because you don’t want a storage locker of what could have beens and should have beens. Fling them wide open before the coming of the dawn. You don’ know when the dawn will come and its not too late. No matter where you have been, there are plenty of doors left to be open.

They won’t open for you. Life will not assert herself upon your dream. She is patient and kind. She kindly waits for you to tell her what you desire. She patiently waits even more to see that you truly desire it, but you don’t have to deserve what you want. Life is most generous and benevolent. You just have to yearn for it. You have to mean it. You have to open that door and walk right through.

You don’t know what you’ll see on the inside. The outside is safe, but it’s always the outside. Nothing ever really happens on the outside. Life repeats itself in monotonous predictable patterns. You get what you always get. The outside will never get you anything more. You never get anywhere by waiting or by wishing, or praying, or yelling that things were different. You can wish and pray and yell, but at some point you have to summon your courage to act.

You have to act and you need to act soon.

The number of doors you can open is infinite. The possibilities for your life at any stage of it are endless, but its all for naught without the drive and will to live your life with meaning. It’s all for naught if the dawn come and finds you standing on the outside looking in.

Open the doors of your dreams. Step through into a new reality and a new day. Help open the door for others as well. The dawn is coming for them too, and they need your nudge to help to get them on their way.