An unhappy mother does not raise a happy child.

Joni Mitchell


You cannot give what you don’t have nor can you bring something about which you don’t first dream about. Like things beget like things, night surely follows day and good thoughts become good things, and it cannot be otherwise.

An unhappy mother does not raise a happy child because it is outside her scope of influence. Likewise, you cannot realize your dreams if you don’t become and do what needs to get done. But don’t worry, there are many examples of success you can borrow from. There is no reason for you to do it alone or to stumble around success in the dark. You can learn and use the quintessential habits of highly successful people and adopt them to your life. In time you cannot help but to give birth to your happy reality of a once distant dream.

Don’t keep your dreams distant. Don’t stow they away out of reach. Give life to them by learning the indispensable habits necessary to raise your happy child. Fear not what needs to be done. Dance with your mistakes and failures. Dance with them often. Don’t let them be the reason why you don’t take a step forward.

Happiness is not something that exists outside of you. Happiness lives within you. You need to awaken it and give it life. Choose to awaken it. Give it time to grow, mature, and give it half a chance to blossom. You won’t be able to stop the many weeds that will spring up over time or avoid the little dirty unforeseen detours your life will take, but its all part of the same experience.

Thoughts become things. An unhappy mother because an unhappy mother and is an unhappy mother in her mind. Watch what you say. Watch what you say about others. Watch how you judge them and how much empathy you have for them. Most of all, watch what you think and say about yourself. Those thoughts are deadly. Dream killers. Soul destroyers, and you cannot raise your dreams if you let them master your life.

Be a happy mother. Become or remain happy mother and you cannot help but raise a happy successful child.

Figure out who follows their dreams and take their lead.