To be as good as our fathers we must be better, imitation is not discipleship.

Wendell Phillips

Imitation is not discipleship.

You must yearn to be better. Better at everything you touch. Leaving everyone better than when you have found them. You have to strive to be different. Lead a life that is original and that will be missed when it is gone. Be unique and irreparable because you are and there is really no point in trying to be as good as that which is already good.

Your mother and father gave you life. It doesn’t matter if they were good or not, they still gave you the gift of life. You don’t have to give thanks for much, but it is important to thank them for that.

We were given life which means everything. We have to do our part and give life back. We can’t give it back to our parents, biological or otherwise. We can only give life to anyone that we meet and choose to spend time with.

We can give life with a smile. We can give life by being there to listen, or by making light of things when times get tough. We can make things better by focusing on what can be instead of what has transpired, or what has always been.

You have to learn to imitate what you have seen, but imitate it with your own unique style and personality. Make it better. Make it different. Make it memorable so that others will notice and want to follow you.

Discipleship is important but it is never an end in itself. At some point a disciple has to become a leader. If they do it right, they will gain their own followers, and they must help them do what they learned from others.

Learn to imitate what is good. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

But don’t forget to lead.

Beat your drum at your own pace, in your own place, and without apology.

Don’t settle for good, be better.

Don’t imitate.


Be what nobody else can be. Reach what nobody else can reach.

Lead so that others dare to follow.