“Truth, like gold,

is to be obtained not by its growth,

but by washing away from it

all that is not gold”

Leo Tolstoy


Happiness.  Joy.  Peace.  Enlightenment.  Fulfillment.  Meaning.

These can also be added to the list.


The search to find yourself is sometimes a little misguided.

There is no reason to travel the world in search of something.  There is no reason to live and die by the bucket list when life offers so much more.  There is no reason to observe what others are doing, because most people fake their happiness anyway.  Just check their refillable prescriptions to pain medication, their wine cellars, and their beer fridges.

You have always been you. 

You have always been great.

It is never over.  No matter how old you are, or where you find yourself.

Greatness, like gold, cannot be destroyed.

You can only hide it.

Spend the next few days of your life cleaning and washing away what holds you back from having what you’ve had all along.

You know what it is.

It’s time to do something about it.