Reality is wrong.  Dreams are for real

Tupac Shakur


Our perception of reality is flawed.  There really is no reality, only the present moment. 

An anorexic woman who looks in a mirror will only see a grotesquely obese woman staring back at her.  A person with a low self-esteem, will deflect compliments, like a bug off a windshield.

The life we live may lead us to depression, humiliation, or enslave us, but in the end that same life, years later may become the story of our redemption, our honour, and our freedom.

We are not a ledger book of debited and credited failures.

You are not horrible at math, you simply don’t grasp certain abstract concepts, but that in itself doesn’t mean you can’t.  You may not be a master of many languages, but that doesn’t mean you cannot.  You may not be able to sing, or sing  very well, but that doesn’t mean you cannot train your voice.  You will tell me that you are a failed novelist, but I will tell you that that doesn’t mean you are not a story teller.

Tupac Shakur was right.

Reality is wrong in as much as there is no reality.  There is only our perception of the truth.

This is why we can only trust our dreams.  This is why only dreams are real. 

The day you begin to dream again, you will begin to live.  You will wake up with an unquenchable thirst to take up the opportunities of the morning, and have a reason to rest in the evening.   

We need dreams, especially when we're awake.

So, go and spend some time dreaming.

I would also suggest you spend a little less time bitching about reality of your life.

Your reality is wrong.  Your dreams are real.

Listen to them.