“It’s easier to bleed than sweat”

Flannery O’Connor


We love victimhood. 

It’s our security blanket and our most profitable pastime.  An acceptable means to acquire attention and garner sympathy from pretty much everyone.

Flannery O’Connor was right.  It certainly is much easier to bleed than sweat.

I’m not talking about real suffering, and neither was she.

What we are talking about here, are the incessant complaints about the rain.  The petulant observations about young people having no values or respect for anyone.  How the government is just stealing us poor.  How the Muslims are conspiring to ruin our civilization.  How we can’t lose weight.  We can’t get a date.  We can’t get ahead. 

We just can’t.

We must bear and grin. We are destined to bleed and commiserate.

Let’s try something different.

Ignore your wounds, and get to work.  Work every day.  Dig your ditches.

Tomorrow, dig some more.

Let’s give sweating another try.