Two plus one is all you need to get there. 

Just focus your mind and commit yourself to accomplishing two tasks per day, and one more for good measure, at some point by the end of the week.

2 + 1.

That’s all. 


Nothing to it.

It’s very important to dream. To prioritize the day and find the time to be still and quiet. It’s very important to dream and listen to our fluttering  thoughts. They are the inspiration to any good endeavour or artistic enterprise. 

But dreams won’t materialize on their own. Thoughts don’t just turn to things by sheer imagination.

Every great idea demands purposeful action. It begs for a good design and tenacious execution.

But you don’t have to do it all in one day.

The Notre Dame Cathedral took over two hundred years to build. Two hundred!

Her construction spanned the entire gothic period. Think about that. That means that the first person who broke ground, and flung the dirt aside, never saw its full majesty. 

Their children never saw the work finished either. They sweated and toiled, and yet, their grandchildren probably never saw the work finished either. Yet there it stands and attracts millions and millions of tourists to Paris. 

It has been the subject of many great novels over the years and has become an important symbol not only of faith, but also an artistic and historical marvel that preserved the gothic period within which it was built.

Your dreams won’t be built in a day, and the bigger they are, the longer they will take to accomplish.

You have to start today.

You must make a plan.

Write down precisely what the next set of steps are going to be.

Do two things that will make a difference.

It could be a phone call you are dreading of making. Perhaps a meeting you’ve been putting off for a while. Maybe its sticking to a better diet so you have more energy. Or an exercise routine so you don’t have to be in battled with your waist. 

Looking better and feeling better can have a multiplying effect in all aspects of your life.

Perhaps you have to write for an extended period of time. Maybe you have to sing or work with numbers. You have to practice or rehearse. You have to fail, get up, and correct course.

Maybe you need to get a mentor or a tutor. Maybe you need an assistant, or an employee. Or maybe you need learn something new through an online course.

Perhaps you need a date planner. 

Whatever it is. Break it down to two very manageable tasks a day, and one more by the end of the week.

In any given week you will have done fifteen things that will inch you closer towards your dreams. By the end of the month you will have completed sixty. In a given year, you are looking at over seven hundred and twenty steps towards where you want to be. In a decade, you’re going to build a wall containing some seven thousand polished stones.



Nothing to it.

And remember.

Your grandchildren can never finish what you never started to begin with.