Trust yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Follow your heart.

I know its hard. 

Very certainly uncertain. Full of pitfalls and fraught with failure.  

It’s a hell of a lot easier to follow the herd. Much simpler to just follow along. A lot safer to do what is expected you. But that will only drag you to places where you’d rather not go, surrounded by people you’d rather do without. 

(And they might smell).

So follow your heart, not the insistently bleating herd.

Or at least pick the right shepherd!

I know how this all sounds.

It seems very poetic, but its not meant to be.

Consider this a cold, hard invitation to a new life of possibilities.

A chance to lead instead of follow.

A chance for a meaningful existence.

A call for a reflected life.

A well lived life.

A happy life.

Following your heart and believing in yourself will be a daily struggle. 

A continuously raging conflict. A war against comfort and complacency.

Trusting yourself demands change and transformation and if  you don’t, you’ll return to your old scripts and the boring stories that you tell yourself.

You are full of stories.

Stories about who you are. What you can’t do and why you can’t do it.

Stories about who’s hurt you. Stories about who you’ve hurt.

Tall tales you’ve accepted as true in your early childhood. Scripts that were pre-written for you, old worn out scripts, and some that you helped to co-create yourself. But none the less, stories that don’t serve you any longer. Truths you’ve come to learn at school, in the playground, and in your heart.

You learned that its a tough old world out there. That statistically speaking, you’re bound to be a victim of some mindless crime, or some random casualty of an unfortunate accident. 

You’ve learned about the dangers of sex. About divorce. About death. Abuse. About cancer. About bullies. About getting fat. About keeping your hand down, so your classmates don’t label you a teachers pet, or that you never have to feel the sting of getting the question wrong. So you can avoid failure and shun mistakes. 

So you can pretend that everything is perfect.  

You’ve learned that there are no dumb questions, but you can’t avoid seeing that there are dumb people who pose them. 

So its much better to play safe. Its better to stay quiet. To bleat quietly, and only when called upon.

Through it all, you’ve learned that no matter how good you are, how hard you try, how successful you become, there is always someone better than you, so whats the point?

That exactly the point.

You should follow your heart because life is a chorus, not a lead performance.

As a human race, we are much better together, united, than we are isolated and alone.

We are better living in the open, than we are when we run and hide.

There is no enough music out there that can reach every ear.

So share yours.

There is not enough good ideas either.

So share those too.

There is not enough kindness out there.

So be kind.

There is not enough of anything.

So everything. No matter how small makes a big difference.

You can make a difference.

Perhaps not to the many, but certainly to the few. 

Sometimes you will only matter to only one.

So trust yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Share yourself.

Follow your heart.

Write a new story.

Sing a new song.

Live a new life.


Try not to follow.