You’ve joyfully undertaken and suffered through several 30 day systems that promised you unbelievable and lasting results, just to end up back in the same place, and you’re probably a little worse for wear.

But why not try a little compromise?

Why not try a bit of compromise before giving up, before getting discouraged, before starting yet another mental assault against yourself?

Try a little compromise.

It will do you some good.

It may not be as glamorous as wagering your happiness against all or nothing, but it might just work.

It can’t do any worse.

And it might get you close to where you want to be.

It might be the only thing that can get you closer to where you want to be.

So learn the art of compromise.

I think its silly if not dangerous to believe something meaningful or lasting can be arbitrarily brought about in 30 days or you get your money back. Minus the shipping of course.

Of course.

But why do we hate to compromise?

Why are we so stubborn to let go of the way things should be?

Why can’t we learn to embrace how things are and might be?

I’m not talking about moral or ethical decisions here.

Let’s not get carried away.

What you do with your life and how you choose to nourish your conscience is your business. As a matter of fact I don’t understand how anyone finds the time to ever judge anyone else, when their own life leaves so much to be desired. I guess rose coloured glasses and a few bible verses are a very dangerous thing, in the wrong hands.

So why not compromise?

What is it?

Compromise is like a reed in the water. When the storm comes it bends but doesn’t break. Compromise is an act of choosing the path that maintains steady momentum, no matter how small, no matter how painful, and no matter how seemingly insignificant or unnoticed.

Compromise helps you to bend. Stretch. Wait. Reexamine. Edit. Reconstruct and rebuild.

All or nothing burns, blows up, and puts you in shackles.

But what’s the hurry?

You’ve been fat for most of your life and now that you’re getting married, you want to give yourself 30 days to fit your tux or your wedding dress?

You skipped most of your classes, got drunk and high and never learned how to read and write properly but you expect an evening English class online to do the trick?

Your marriage just fell apart, but you expect the first or second Christmas to be festive? You expect your former spouse not to be angry? You expect your children to understand? Like they don’t need time to grieve? You expect them not to be angry or take it out on themselves or you for that matter?

All or nothing is a dangerous proposition.

It’s how you became fat, learned nothing, and got married or divorced in the first place.

Maybe its time to enter a period where you compromise.

A time where you learn that it is better if you mend and bend.

Better if you don’t lose hope, threaten to quit, or break.

It’s time to put on your big girl panties and big boy tighty whities.

It’s time to try a little compromise.

It’s time to believe that you can do anything you want in life. You can do anything as long as you help others along the way. As long as you know you cannot give what you don’t have.

Don’t compromise your dreams and well being.

Compromise your methods.


Cover photo generously provided by photographer David Kovalenko via